Dear clients of Pilates System Europe!

There are several good news :-)

Opening of the Pilates studios 

It looks like we can open our studios for individual training in May. We don't yet know whether it will be on May 19th or a little later. As soon as we have a fixed date, we will let you know. 


Happy Pilates Day

On Saturday, May 8th we will celebrate Joseph Hubertus Pilates. On this occasion we would like to invite you to several online mat classs. 

The following program awaits you: 

09.00 am - Pilates for beginners with Julia Mach-Skorpik
10.00 am - Stretching with Kirsten Weidinger
11.00 am – Pilates Intermediate with Theraband with Julia Hechenblaikner
12.00 pm - Pilates and Spiraldynamik® for runners with Anna Schrefl 

Max. participants per training: 20

Registration until Friday, 7th of May at: 

(please specify which training you want to participate in, the classes will be taught in German). 


Pilates & Spiraldynamik® course Basic Move 

There are still places available for the Basic Move. The course will start on May 27, 2021 Special discount will be given for members of the Pilates Verband Austria :-)

Duration 16 days in the period from May 27th, 2021 to February 13th, 2022 

Course location: Raum für Tanz in 1070 Vienna

If you are interested, please contact:


All the best

Anna and the team of Pilates System Europe



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Easter 2021 – Dear clients of Pilates System Europe!

Our two studios - Studio Severin and Studio Strozzi - unfortunately have to remain closed for a while. As soon as we can open again, we will inform you.
In the meantime we would like to share some news with you: 

- Free Easter special 

On Tuesday, March 30th at 7pm I will teach a special online mat: “Strong and healthy feet” In In this online class we will devote ourselves to training the feet. The program includes: massaging & mobilizing the feet, strengthening the intrinsic and extrinsic foot musculature. I will also include a short Pilates mat with the focus on integrating the feet into the exercise program. We will finish our training with dynamic balance exercises☺
If you would like to join me, simply register by email by March 30th. at 5pm: (max. 40 persons, the class will be taught in German) 

- Our Pilates online trimester courses will start again after Easter

There are still a few places available for the following courses:
Tuesday, 10am - Pilates 1-2 with Julia Hechenblaikner
Wednesday, 7pm - Pilates 1 with Thomas Huber
Thursday, 6pm - Pilates 1 with Kirsten Weidinger
Thursday, 7pm - Pilates 2 with Kirsten Weidinger

Duration: 11 classes
Cost: 170 euros
If you are interested, please send an email to:

- Would you like to get fit for the summer and not wait until we can reopen the studios?

In a 1: 1 training we can motivate you and give you a challenging and/or relaxing training.
You can find the timetable for open Pilates online MAT classes here:

- Pilates & Spiraldynamik® course Basic Move 

From May 27th, 2021 Anna will be giving a Spiraldynamik® training with a focus on Pilates. "Everything about movement coordination from head to toe: The Basic Move course with a focus on Pilates is the Spiraldynamik® basic training for people from the fields of school and movement pedagogy, complementary therapy, movement art and for interested and motivated laypeople - knowledge-oriented and practically implementable."
Duration: 16 days in the period from May 7th, 2021 to February 13th, 2022
Course location: Room for Dance in 1070 Vienna
There will be a special discount for members of the Pilates Verband Austria ☺
If you are interested, please contact:

We can't wait to see each other live again and wish you a very Happy Easter! 

All the best and stay healthy!

Anna and the team of Pilates System Europe



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We are now offering Pilates ONLINE classes

so you can stay at home and don´t have to miss your Pilates workout. It is important to stay positive, keep breathing and moving :-)

The classes are live and online.

For Private Pilates Online Classes please contact me directly via e-mail:

You can find the schedule for our Pilates MAT Online Classes here (the classes are in German. There will be one class a week in English):


I am looking forward to seeing you online :-)

Best wishes 

How it works:

Registration for Online Mat classes:

  • The registration for our online classes can be done via the Eversports platform as usual. 
  • If you do not have an account with Eversports yet, I can send you an invitation e-mail so you can easily create an account. If you do not want to create an account, you can send me an email, so I can register you directly for the online class.
  • Registrations for the classes are possible up to 30 minutes before the class begins.
  • 15 minutes before the classes is starting, you will get an invitation e-mail with a link that gets you directly to the streaming platform of the class.


  • Please update your EVERSPORTS APP if you already have an account on Eversports.
  • In the App you can now find a button that will inform you when the link to the streaming platform is activated.
  • If the button is grey – the online stream is not activated yet. 15 minutes before the class is starting, the button turns from grey to green. The online class is now accessible. With one click on the button you will be directed to the streaming platform. 

What do you need:

  • A well functioning internet connection
  • A computer. Please install ZOOM.
  • OR a smartphone/tablet with the ZOOM APP (

Start of a class

  • Registration for a Pilates Online Class is possible up to 30 minutes before the class begins.

What do you need for the training at home:

  • A mat, towel or a blanket.
  • Instead of the regular Pilates equipment, there are other creative solutions.
  • Pilatesball – take a firm cushion about the same size.
  • Support for the head – fold a towel 
  • Theraband – take a firm scarf or belt or towel.

The list will get longer, I am experimenting :-)


  • With the invitation link, I will let you know what you can prepare for the class (but do not worry everything can be done easily with only a soft mat or towel for support).