December, 6th 2020

Dear Pilates clients!

Our two studios - Studio Severin and Studio Strozzi - unfortunately have to remain closed in December. 

We hope and look forward to a start on January 7, 2021! ☺ 

For all those who want to strengthen themselves mentally and physically with Pilates in the old year or simply want to do something good for themselves, there is the possibility to train with us online: 

  • Pilates and spiral dynamics online individual training. In a 1: 1 training we can motivate you and give you a challenging and/or relaxed training.
  • Pilates MAT online group lessons. We offer several online Pilates classes through Eversports. Please just send an e-mail to
    If you already have an Eversports account, you can register for group lessons directly via Eversports and book the lessons individually. You can find the timetable for Pilates MAT online classes here:
  • In the new year new MAT trimester courses start again: 
    Start: in the week of January 11, 2021 
    Duration: a total of 10 hours (no courses take place during the semester week) 
    Price: 160 euros
    The trimester courses are limited to max. 6 people. 
    Mo 19h Mat 1-2 with Katarina Schmidl
    Tue 10h Mat 1-2 with Julia Hechenblaikner
    Wed 19h Mat 1 with Tom Huber
    Thu 18h Mat 1 with Kirsten Weidinger
    Thu 19h Mat 2 with Kirsten Weidinger

Christmas vouchers for the new year are still available until December 24th:

  • One-to-one Pilates training plus Pilates Triad Ball.
    Price: 68, - (instead of 77, -)
  • One-to-one Pilates training plus Pilates Magic Circle.
    Price: 78,- (instead of 86,-)
  • 5 block Pilates individual training plus Pilates Triad Ball and elastic band.
    Price: 309,- (instead of 324,-)

We look forward to seeing you again in the virtual space in December and in the new year live in the studio! 

All the best and stay healthy! 

With kind regards
Anna and the pilates team



November 2020 

Dear Pilates clients!

In accordance with the new lock-down-rules, we will close both our studios - Studio Severin and Studio Strozzi – for the month of November 2020. 

However, we would like to motivate you to continue your training and keep moving. There are many ways to do this: running or walking regularly outdoors, setting up or expanding an exercise routine at home. Especially in difficult times such as ours, it is twice as important to take the time to look after yourself and to recharge your batteries. We are therefore also sending you a few exercise suggestions selected by us for relaxing, loosening up and strengthening yourself at home.

We can also continue to accompany you personally. For this purpose, we offer you a special November online training program for this purpose:

  • Pilates and spiral dynamics individual training. You can continue training with your personal trainer, so you can stay fit and healthy during this month.
  • Movement coaching. Would you like to train independently at home, but need a few exercise tips? During an online training unit, our trainers can give you individualised tips for everyday life and for your own training-routine.
  • Online group lessons. Starting November 5th there will be a number of additional online Pilates classes for all levels, which can be booked individually or in blocks of 5 via Eversports.

Please just send an e-mail to If you already have an Eversports account, you can register for group lessons directly via Eversports.

You can find the schedule for Pilates MAT online classes here: hours

We look forward to seeing you again - in the virtual room and then again in the studio!

All the best and stay healthy!

With kind regards
Anna and the Pilates team




We are now offering Pilates ONLINE classes

so you can stay at home and don´t have to miss your Pilates workout. It is important to stay positive, keep breathing and moving :-)

The classes are live and online.

For Private Pilates Online Classes please contact me directly via e-mail:

You can find the schedule for our Pilates MAT Online Classes here (the classes are in German. There will be one class a week in English):


I am looking forward to seeing you online :-)

Best wishes 

How it works:

Registration for Online Mat classes:

  • The registration for our online classes can be done via the Eversports platform as usual. 
  • If you do not have an account with Eversports yet, I can send you an invitation e-mail so you can easily create an account. If you do not want to create an account, you can send me an email, so I can register you directly for the online class.
  • Registrations for the classes are possible up to 30 minutes before the class begins.
  • 15 minutes before the classes is starting, you will get an invitation e-mail with a link that gets you directly to the streaming platform of the class.


  • Please update your EVERSPORTS APP if you already have an account on Eversports.
  • In the App you can now find a button that will inform you when the link to the streaming platform is activated.
  • If the button is grey – the online stream is not activated yet. 15 minutes before the class is starting, the button turns from grey to green. The online class is now accessible. With one click on the button you will be directed to the streaming platform. 

What do you need:

  • A well functioning internet connection
  • A computer. Please install ZOOM.
  • OR a smartphone/tablet with the ZOOM APP (

Start of a class

  • Registration for a Pilates Online Class is possible up to 30 minutes before the class begins.

What do you need for the training at home:

  • A mat, towel or a blanket.
  • Instead of the regular Pilates equipment, there are other creative solutions.
  • Pilatesball – take a firm cushion about the same size.
  • Support for the head – fold a towel 
  • Theraband – take a firm scarf or belt or towel.

The list will get longer, I am experimenting :-)


  • With the invitation link, I will let you know what you can prepare for the class (but do not worry everything can be done easily with only a soft mat or towel for support).